Gun & Sportsman Auction

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Saturday, April 6, 2019 @ 10 a.m. 


48 Community Dr, Newport VT, 05855


Take exit 28 off I-91 (Northbound take left and Southbound take right). WATCH FOR AUCTION SIGNS!! 

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Gun and Sportsman Auction:

Auction Starting Saturday, April 6, 2019 @ 10 a.m. 

Location: 48 Community Dr. Newport Vt. 05855

Directions: Take exit 28 off I-91 (Northbound take left and Southbound take right). WATCH FOR AUCTION SIGNS!!


Hand Guns:

Chiappa Silver Rhino 60DS 357 w/Holster & Box, Para Ordance Inc Hi-Cap 40, Ruger Redhawk 357 Stainless (only 2500 made), 

Ruger Vaquero 40s&w (only 250 made), Webley MKVI 45/455, 

Ruger Blackhawk 41mag (3 Screw),  Ruger Vaquero 45cal w/Box, 

FNH FNP-45 45ACP, Ruger Blackhawk 357 (3 Screw),
A.Uberti Mod 1873 357mag w/Box (never fired), 

Astra Largo Mod 400 1921 9mm 8shot (single & dbl action),
F.LLI Pietta 44cal w/45 Long Colt Con Cylinder, Ruger Blackhawk 45LC, 

Ruger Super Blackhawk 44mag w/Scope, 

 Colt DA 38 Long Colt (as is-Project gun), Colt New Army Navy 38sp, 

Colt Officer 1st 38sp,  FN 1900 Brownings Patent 32 w/Flap Holster & Xtra Mag, FN 1900 Brownings Patent 32 w/Flap Holster & Xtra Mag,
Ruger Mark III w/Xtra Mag/Holster/Laser/Rug & Box, 

Walthers Patent Mod 4 32ACP w/Flap Holster, 

Mauser WTP 6.35 DRP Striker 25ACP, Glock Mod 24 40cal, 

Ruger Single6 22/22mag, Liliput Mod 1927 25ACP,
S&W 38short Reg Police (single & dbl action) 5shot w/Holster, 

Beretta Mod 90 Armi Roma 32ACP w/Pocket Holster,
CZ 52 (single & dbl action) 7.62x25 8shot w/Flap Holster & Xtra Mag, 

Glock Mod22 40cal w/Fiberoptic Sights &3 Xtra Mags, 

Mauser Patent 1914/1934 32ACP w/Flap Holster & Xtra Mag, 

S&W Mod 59 9mm,  S&W Mod 61-3 Pocket Escort (Nickel) 22 w/Box, 

Ortgies Patent Duetsche Werke 25ACp w/Xtra Mag, Heritage Rough Rider 357, A.Uberti Navy Arms 22-22mag w/Box, 

AMT Back Up 380 w/Nylon Holster& Xtra Mag,
Beretta 950 BS Jetfire 25ACP w/Xtra Mag, Beretta Nano 9mm New w/Box, Heritage Rough Rider 22-22mag w/Box, 

 NAA Guardian 32ACP w/Box, Rug & 2 Xtra Mags, 

Rossi M88 38spl Stainless w/Box, S&W Mod 61-1 Pocket Escort 22 w/Box, 

MAB Brevete Mod D Type 2 32 w/Flap Holster & Xtra Mag, 

Bersa Thunder 380 w/Box,  Melior Jieffeco 380 w/Flap Holster & Xtra Mag, Browning Nomad 22 w/Holster, 

 FL Selbstlader (Langenhan) 7.65cal w/Flap Holster, 

Melior Mod 1920 25ACP w/Xtra Mag, 

 JP Sauer & Sons Hawes Westrn Marshall 45lc, 

Ruger LCP 380ACP w/Box, Rug & Xtra Mag, Savage Mod101 22,
Springfield XD-40 w/Holster & 2Xtra Mags, Astra Firecat 25cal,
H&R 38short Top Break 2nd Mod 5th Variation (1897-1904) DAO 5shot,
Hopkins & Allen 38 Safety Police 5shot (1908), 

Melior 1920 New Mod 32ACP w/Holster & Xtra Mag,
Ortgies Duetsche Werke 32ACP w/Xtra Mag, CZ 27 (Nickled) 32ACP w/Holster, Melior Robar 25ACP w/presentation case,  Taurus 85 38spl w/Holster, 

H&R Mod 900 22 w/Holster & Belt, US Revolver Breaktop 32short,

Iver Johnson 1900 32S&W, Phoenix Arms HP25A w/Box, 

Raven Mod MP-25 25Auto w/Holster & more on the day of the sale….



A-Uberti (Cim Arron) Mod 1873 Sporting Rifle 32WCF 32-20, 

Browning BLR 257Roberts w/Leupold Scope,
Carcano 7.35 w/Bayonett & 5 Boxes of Ammo, 

Colt Match H-BAR 5.56/223 w/Xtra Mag, Cooey 75 22, Enfield 303,
CMMG MK-4 223, CHenry Golden Boy 22mag, Hi Point Mod 995 9mm, 

JC Higgins Mod 50 30-06, Marlin Mod 336 35Rem,
Marlin Mod 84 22 S/L/LR, Marlin Mod1893 30-30, 

Marlin XL7 25-06 w/ Scope & Bi-Pod, Mauser 7.62x39 w/Scope,
Mossberg MVP 5.56/223, Mossberg Trophy Hunter 30-06, 

Pro Ordance Inc Carbon 15 5.56/223,  Rem #1 Sport Rifle 32cal, 

Rem 510 22 S/L/LR, Rem 7400 30-06, 

Rem BDL 30-06 w/Leupold VXII Scope 3x9x50,
Rem Custom 700 243 26" Heavy Barrel, Rem Mod 514 22 S/L/LR, 

Rem Mod 8 35cal, Rossi ModR92 45 Colt,
S&W Mod M&P15 5.56/223, Sako AV 25-06 (like new), 

Savage 110 30-06 w/Scope,  Savage 1899 30-30 w/Peep Sight, 

Savage 303 savage w/Brass Counter, Savage 340 30-30,
Savage AXIS 243 w/Scope (like new), Savage Axis XP 22-250 w/Scope, 

Savage Mod 111 30-06,  Savage Mod 3A 22 S/L/LR, Savage Mod 99 300Savage, SKS 7.62x39 w/Bayonet,  Stevens Savage Mod87A 22 S/L/LR, 

TC 22LR 21" Barrel, TC Compass 6.5 Creedmore,
TC Condender 7-30 Water w/Scope, Ted Williams Mod 3T 22 S/L/LR, 

Win 1894 38-55,  Win 1897 30WCF 20" Short Rifle, 

Win 88 308 w/Nikon Scope & Mag, Win 94 Big Bore 356win w/Scope,
Win 94 Limited Edition Centennial Rifle 30WCF New w/Original Box, 

Win 94AE 444 Marlin, Win Mod 94 30-30,
Win Mod 94 32-40 1/2Round 1/2Octagon, Win Mod 94 32spl Full Octagon Barrel, Win Mod67 22 S/L/LR,  Rossi ModS41120 410/22Barrel

 & more on the day of the sale….


ASM 1847 44cal Blackpowder, ASM Blackpowder 44cal, CVA 50cal Pistol, 

CVA Blackpowder 36cal w/Box, CVA Frontier 54cal, CVA Hawkin 50cal, 

CVA Optima 50cal, CVA S/S 410 Muzzleloader (Birdeye Maple Stock),
CVA Wolf 50cal w/Scope & See thru Mounts, EN Santa Barbara 44cal w/Holster, Euro Arms Kentucky Flintlock 44cal,  T/C Arms 54cal, 

T/C White Mtn Carbine 50cal, TC Firehawk 50cal, Toledo Spain 54cal Pistol, Tradition Buck Skinner 50cal Pistol, US Haston 54cal Pistol  



Browning A5 12ga 28" Vari-Choke (1920), Rem Wingmaster Mod870 20ga, Lefever 1929 16ga,  Savage Mod 220 20ga Slug Gun (New), 

Savage Fox B 20ga S/S, Stoeger 3500 12ga (like new), Win Mod 1400 20ga,
Mossberg Mod835 12ga Ported w/Various Choke, Escort Magnum 20ga,
Rem Sportsman 48 Semi 16ga 25" Improved Cyl w/Lyman Cutts Compensator, Rem Sportsman 58 Semi 16ga 22" Mod Cyl,  Win Mod 12 20ga (split on stock), Mossberg 695 12ga, Stevens Mod 320 12ga New w/Pistol Grip & Box, 

Ithaca Mod37 12ga, Stoeger Condor O/U 12ga, 

Stoger O/U 12ga (small split it stock), 

The Continental Laminated Steel (Antique) 12ga,
Savage Arms Mod Springfield 745B 12ga (small split), Baikal 12ga S/S, W.Richards S/S 12ga (repaired stock),
Forehand Arms 12ga Damasus Barrel (chip in forearm)

Silent Auction:
Starts Thursday, April 4, 2019 at 9a.m. - Ends Saturday, April 6, 2019 at 9 a.m.
Variety of Poles, Spinning Rods, Fly Rods, Fly Tying Items, Scopes, Magazines, Ammo, Huge Variety of Shotgun & Rifle
Reloading Equipment (Presses, Dies, Bullets, Primers, Brass & Powder), Muzzleloaders, BB Guns, Knives, Bayonets, Swords, Compound Bows, Traps, Tanned Furs, Mounts and much more for the day of the sale….
There is too much to list please follow up on our website for updates .


Sale Managed by Wright’s Auction Service, Newport, VT.
AUCTIONEER: RON WRIGHT | P 802.334.6115 | F 802.334.1591 | 

C 802.323.7955
Terms: Cash or good check w/ID. MasterCard/Visa/ Discover Accepted. 13% buyer’s premium, 3% discount if paying by cash or check. 6% sales tax charged to anyone without a valid tax number.
A few of the guns do have a reserve. Like and follow our Facebook page (Wrights Enterprises).
Lunch Catered by Wright’s Catering Service.
Email: Website: 


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